Stop Worrying About Lost Items: Discover the Power of SMIAL!

Why use Smial?

Find your lost items

To find your items

Smial is a service that allows your lost items to find you


By scanning the Smial Code of your lost object, the Good Samaritan who finds it will be able to contact you directly, either by voice call, or SMS or email and even by private SMS depending on the configuration you have defined for this object.

You will then be able to agree with him on the best way to recover your item.

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Protect your ooved ones

To protect your loved ones

Smial is a service that allows you to provide access to vital information in the event of an accident or loss


Thanks to Smial Codes you can protect your loved ones (child, elderly person suffering from senility or degenerative disease, or even a person doing sports) by giving access to health information such as blood type, pathology or even allergies.

In addition to being able to warn you by one of the means of communication that you will have defined at the configuration of the code, the emergency personnel will be able to save a precious time to provide the possible urgent care thanks to this information.

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Find your loved pet

To identify your beloved pets

Smial is a service that helps prevent your furry friend from ending up in a pound or shelter if they get lost


With Smial protect your companion by giving access to identifying information such as his name, race or chip number. Also indicate his blood group, the list of his up-to-date vaccines or even his pathologies.

Be notified and contacted by your preferred modes of communication when your friend is found.

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Find lost items and protect loved ones

Our service is easy to use and has 3 subscription levels:

Freemium : our free subscription with basic features.

Essential : essential features with 10% discount on our shop and one free welcome pack.

Premium : all features, up to 4 users for a single subscription, 20% discount on our shop and two free welcome packs.

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So easy to use!


Once registered, you create your configurations* to apply when one of your Smial Codes is scanned. You define:

  • How you want to be notified : email and/or SMS*
  • How you wish to be contacted by the Good Samaritan : telephone, email, SMS or private SMS*
  • The message and info displayed on Good Samaritan’s screen

You decide for each one of your Smial Codes which configuration to execute when the Good Samaritan scans it.

The advantage with Smial is that you decide the means of communication to reach you and to notify you. You can modify this information at any time in your Smial Code manager without having to modify or change Smial Code.

*Available configuration options depend on your subscription level

How to use Smial?

What to use Smial on?

Smial is valid for objects

  • The vinyl stickers can be used on any type of support with a smooth surface like an mobile phone, a laptop, an ID card or even a credit card and thus protect your wallet
  • Perforated and reinforced PVC cards with a metal eyelet can easily be hung on keys or any type of bag or luggage
  • The stickers with a very fine cutout and a mini Smial Code will perfectly protect your glasses by sticking to the inside of the temples without risking coming off over time.

For pets

Stainless steel medals for your pet are available. You can fill in all the information about allergies and vaccines in your configuration.

For people

It is also possible to be contacted if it is not an object but one of your relatives who is disoriented or lost. With an adjustable velcro bracelet featuring a PVC card with a Smial Code, a Good Samaritan can contact you if he finds your lost loved one.
Thanks to emergency vinyl stickers to stick on helmets to practice sports, your loved ones can be rescued more quickly in the event of an accident.

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