Smial User Guide: QR Code Service for Easy and Efficient Item Retrieval

How to use Smial?

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Our service is easy to use and has 3 subscription levels:
Freemium : our free subscription with basic features.
Essential : essential features with 10% discount on our shop and one free welcome pack.
Premium : all features, up to 4 users for a single subscription, 20% discount on our shop and two free welcome packs.

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Manage your Smial Codes


The Smial Codes manager has a very easy to use user interface. It has been designed to render perfectly well on both desktop and mobile screen, thuse allowing you to configure your Smial Codes anywhere and anytime.

There you can:

  • List all the Smial Codes you have ordered on our online shop
  • Add as much Smial Codes as you need
  • Configure your Smial Codes, as explained in next block below
  • View the result as if you were the Good Samaritan scaning your Smial Code
  • Customize and download a digital output of you Smial Code in different formats (JPEG, PNG, SVG or PDF), as explained further down on this page, including setting up an imposition page to print it on a label sheet
  • Set a reminder, for example to do not forget to take your knife for you hiking in 2 weeks from now. You will receive an email at the date and hour you have set with the message you have defined

Choose your means of communication

Being flexible is an asset


Because all situations are possible, from losing your mobile phone, to forgetting your suitcase on a train or even to the athlete in the family who is injured while jogging in the forest.

For each situation and each type of use of your Smial Codes you can define:

  • From the phone screen of the Good Samaritan, on which phone number (voice call and/or SMS) and on which e-mail address he can contact you
  • Which phone numbers (SMS) and which email addresses will receive notifications with geolocation

When you lose an item, you can even log into your account and change the item’s Smial Code configuration to change its settings to suit the situation.

See what you get

Personalize your QR Codes

Because everyone is different


As tastes and colors are different, we have decided to offer our products in several colors in our shop.
But you also have the option of fully customizing your Smial Codes and printing them yourself. You will be able to define the text, the shape and even the different colors of the code.

Do not wait any longer to try it out!

Smial, it's serious
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