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With those examples below you can have a clear idea of what the Good Samaritan will see when he scans a Smial Code depending on the configuration set for the code.
If you are on your mobile phone, you just have to click on one of these « See result » buttons below.
If you are on a computer, you can click on same buttons or you just have to scan one of the Smial Codes below with your mobile phone.

Have fun !

For your belongings

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Here is how you will recover your lost keys thanks to our key rings.

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For your loved ones

Front side

With this emergency wristband your young child, your family athlete, or an elderly person with orientation disorder can be saved in the event of an accident or getting lost (for example at the beach or in a busy place where he is hard to find).

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For your pet

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This is what the Good Samaritan will see if your loved pet get lost, thanks to this medal around his neck !

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