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19.99€ / year
34.99€ / year
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Discount on shop (key holder, sticker, medal, etc.)
Smial Codes at will

You can manage as many Smial Codes as you like, whether they are purchased from our shop or generated via your Smial Codes manager to be printed by yourself.

Number of custom profiles for Smial Codes

A profile defines, when a Good Samaritan scans your Smial Code:

  1. What actions he will be able to take
  2. To whom and how notifications are sent
  3. What informations he will see on the screen

Let say you want to protect your mobile phone in case you forget it somewhere. You will so create a configuration allowing Good Samaritan to

  1. Call someone of your family or a friend, because obviously you don’t have your phone in hands.
  2. Send you an email to your personnal email address because you have email access from your laptop computer

So this will count as one profile.

Now let’s say you want to protect also your keys. In this case you will define a profile allowing to call you directly and to send you an email. This will be one additional profile.

Number of user accounts

Number of users you can add to your Smial services in addition to your own account.
Each user will have his own login access and manage his own Smial Codes.
Each user account will be automatically renewed when your subscription is renewed.
If you do not renew your subscription, each user will be automatically downgraded to a Freemium account.

Welcome pack included with your first order

Welcome pack consisting of 4 small (30×15 mm) stickers, 2 large (60×30 mm) stickers and 1 set of glass stickers (2 stickers of 45×3 mm – one with text in French and the other in English – to stick on each eyeglass temples, 2 stickers of 5×5 mm with the same QR Code to stick on each eyeglass temples.
Valid only during an initial subscription.
Shipped with your first order of product on our shop.

Smial Code generator (dynamic QR Code)

You can generate Smial Codes, which are dynamic QR codes, and apply any of your predefined configurations to them.
You will be able to print them yourself on labels and stick them on your books or any other object that does not require a very resistant sticker like the ones we offer in our shop.

Download codes in JPEG, PNG and SVG formats

You can download your Smial Codes in JPEG, PNG and SVG formats.

QR Codes customization

You can customize your Smial Codes. You can define code shape, add text to code, define background color and  set different color for each pattern of the code

High quality PDF print file with n-up imposition options

You can print your Smial Codes with the text of your choice from your computer.
This will allow you to configure your label sheet format (page size, page margins, spacing between labels, number of lines and columns) and generate a high quality PDF file ready to be printed.

Email notification when Smial Code is scanned

When your Smial Code is scanned you will receive an email to notify you.
This email may include, depending on your subscription, the geolocation of the device used by the Good Samaritan.

When Smial Code is scanned, receive email notification on multiple addresses
SMS notification when Smial Code is scanned
When Smial code is scanned, receive SMS notification on multiple mobile phone numbers
Geolocation of scanning device

Receive geolocation of Good Samaritan’s mobile phone.
Accurate when user allows to share his geolocation, otherwise at best guess.

Communication via email

The Good Samaritan who finds your object can send you an email directly from the email application on his phone.

Communication via phone call

The Good Samaritan finding your item will be able to call you directly from his phone.

Communication via SMS

The Good Samaritan who finds your item can text you directly from his phone.

Communication via private SMS

Protect your phone number with this secure communication mode.
All your exchanges with good Samaritan will be made through our website. You will both be warned by SMS when someone responds. Your phone number as well as hers remain secret for both.

Lent object reminder

When you lend things to friends, you often don’t know who you lent them to. By affixing Smial Codes on your objects, with our medias for sale or by printing them yourself, you can set reminders to remember that you have lent such an object to such a person.
When the time comes, you will receive an email from us to remind you of your lend. The person to whom you lent your object, and who perhaps no longer knows who he borrowed it from, can also, thanks to the Smial code, find out who it belongs to and return it to you before your reminder notifies you.

You can also create a reminder so you don’t forget to take your backpack for your planned hiking weekend!

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