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Smial was born from the fact that in France, about 35 million objects are lost every year, that is to say 1.2 objects per household. In the list of lost objects are, in order: identity cards, wallets, keys, smartphones and glasses. They are mainly lost on the street, in municipal establishments, in shopping malls and on public transport. And unfortunately, a large majority of these objects (59%) are never found by their owner, although more than 85% of people who find a lost object look for their owner in vain. Replacing them would cost 5 billion euros per year. What a waste! And yet a simple and economical solution exists: the QR Code.

With the COVID pandemic, everyone now knows what a QR Code is and how to use it, that’s the only positive point we can take from it.

Everyone knows that with a cell phone that we all have in our pocket, you just have to scan a QR Code with your camera – no need for an application – to access the information it contains. This information can be static (it can’t change once the code is generated), or dynamic by referring to a website and passing in parameters a unique identifier corresponding to the scanned QR Code.

Smial’s mission is to develop an advanced solution that uses dynamic QR codes to provide access to identification information – of an object, a person or a pet – and to put the user in touch with the owner of the object, a family member or the owner of the pet. Thanks to our solution, each QR Code can be individually configured, thus allowing to define for each code the methods of contact – phone call, e-mail, SMS or private SMS – as well as the information displayed on the phone of the person who scans the QR Code, without forgetting the various possibilities of notification warning of the scanning of the QR Code and indicating its geolocation. And of course, this information can be updated as needed without having to modify the QR Code.

Our ambition is to become the reference solution on the market for the identification of objects and pets, as well as for the security of vulnerable people. We are proud to offer our solution in French and English, and we plan to integrate it quickly in other languages such as Spanish and German in order to reach an even wider audience.

We propose you in our store various supports – stickers, key rings, luggage tags, identification bracelets – equipped with our QR Codes in order to cover all the needs stated here and we even propose you to be able to personalize and print yourself our QR Codes in order to use them everywhere you would need them.

Our ultimate goal is to see manufacturers directly integrate our QR codes on the goods they produce and thus be « Smial ready » in order to give access to our service to as many people as possible and to contribute to the fight against the waste linked to the renewal of objects that people lose and do not find. Imagine if each object could be uniquely identified as soon as it was produced, thus also fighting against theft and concealment of stolen objects. Our technology allows us to generate several million billion unique QR codes per day, enough to equip all the goods produced on earth and thus make the world more economical and safer.

We are a passionate and committed team of technical experts and marketing professionals. We strive to provide the best user experience and innovative solutions to meet your specific needs.

We invite you to explore our site and discover the benefits of our solution. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or if you would like to learn more about our products and services.

Thank you for your trust and welcome to the world of Smial!

The Smial team.

PS: Smial stands for « Scan me I am lost », but it is also the name of the Hobbits’ houses in the Lord of the Rings.

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