How to activate my Smial Codes - Smial

How to activate my Smial Codes

It's quick and easy

All you need is your mobile phone!


Connect to your Smial account from your mobile phone.

Use your account details given when you created your Smial account

Open the camera on your mobile phone and focus on the Smial Code received by post.

Then open the link displayed on the camera

Give your Smial Code a name and click Next.

This name will enable you to identify this item in your list of Smial Codes.
This is also the name that will appear on the notifications you receive when this Smial Code is scanned, and on the Good Samaritan screen.

Select an existing configuration or create a new one and give it a name. Click on Next.

The number of configurations you can create depends on your subscription level, with a minimum of 2.
You can then apply this configuration to different Smial Codes.

Set the desired notification options and click Next.

You can set your email and/or SMS notification preferences (depending on your subscription level).

Finally, set the desired communication options and save your configuration.

Here you can define how the Good Samaritan will be able to communicate with you by voice call, e-mail, SMS or private SMS (depending on your subscription). For each option, you can choose whether to use your information (telephone and/or e-mail) or specific information (telephone and/or e-mail of a third party).
You can also define the message that will appear on the Good Samaritan screen: either our standard message, depending on the type of configuration chosen, or a personalised message.

Repeat the operation for each Smial Code received by post

For each Smial Code you will need to define a name, as indicated above.
You can then either create a new configuration specifically for this Smial Code, or select one of your existing configurations and apply it to the Smial Code.

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