Key ring QR code with contact information - Personalized tags for luggage and backpack

Pack of 5 PVC cards


5 x PVC card (32×20 mm) for luggage, bag, key holder, etc.
Text in English and French to travel serenely all over the world

For keys

Our reinforced PVC cards with metal eyelets are easy to attach to your keys. Fitted with a QR code, it’s a handy little accessory that makes it easy to find your keys.. Simply attach the key ring to your keys and scan the code with your smartphone. You’ll then be taken to a web page where you can create a profile with your contact details. If you misplace your keys, anyone who finds them can scan the QR code to contact you and return your keys safely.

For luggage and bags

PVC cards aren’t just useful for your keys. They can also be used to label and identify your luggage or bags. Attach the card to your suitcase or rucksack and create a profile with your details. If your luggage is lost or misplaced, anyone who finds it can scan the QR code to contact you and make sure your belongings are returned safely.

All in all, the PVC card with QR code is an essential accessory for anyone who wants peace of mind. With its practical features and personalisation options, it’s an essential item for anyone who wants to keep their possessions safe.

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In this pack
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    Small PVC card with metal eyelet

    PVC card 32x20 mm. Perfect for keys, bags or luggage. Perforated and reinforced with a metal eyelet so that they can be hung on a ring without the risk of breaking over time, they will allow your keys, bags, or suitcases to find you in all circumstances.

    Available colors: Beige, Orange, Purple, Dark blue, White, Black
    Available languages to travel serenely all over the world: English / French

    By scanning the Smial Code of your lost object, the Good Samaritan who finds it can contact you directly, either by voice call, by SMS, by email or even by private SMS depending on the configuration you have defined for this object and your subscription level. You can then agree with him on the best way to recover your property.

    Made of PVC film, our cards are 70/100 thick (like credit cards) and coated with a matte laminated film to protect surfaces against scratches, warping, UV rays, humidity and all types of bad weather or external attacks.

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