Stay Connected with Smart Labels for Glasses - Never Lose Your Eyewear Again

Pack of 2 sets of stickers for glasses


2 x set of stickers for glasses.
Each set is composed of:
Text in English and French to travel serenely all over the world

  • 2 stickers (45×3 mm) – one with text in French and the other in English – to stick on each branch
  • 2 stickers (5×5 mm) with the same QR Code to stick on each branch

The principle is simple: a text in French and English invites the person who finds your glasses to zoom in and scan the QR code stuck on the temples. The person can then contact you using one of the communication methods you have defined (voice call, e-mail and/or SMS) by clicking on the corresponding icon on the screen.

The advantages of eyewear stickers:

  • Increased security:These stickers offer extra protection for your glasses, enabling them to be recovered quickly in the event of loss.
  • Ease of use:The process is simple and intuitive, both for you as a user and for the person who finds your glasses.
  • Sustainability:Made from high-quality materials, these stickers are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear and remain legible on your glasses for a long time.
  • Universal compatibility:All you need is a smartphone to scan the QR code with your camera, making the solution accessible to a wide audience.

Don’t let losing your glasses be a problem any more. Opt for QR codes and easily find your lost glasses thanks to innovative QR code technology. Protect your glasses and enjoy total peace of mind.

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In this pack
  • Beige Orange Purple Dark blue White Black
    Glasses sticker

    Made up of two stickers, one made of vinyl with the text (45x3 mm), the other one of acrylate with the Smial Code (5x5 mm). They can be stuck to the temples of glasses and do not move over time, thus guaranteeing you good protection.

    Available colors: Beige, Orange, Purple, Dark blue, White, Black
    Available languages to travel serenely all over the world: English / French

    By scanning the Smial Code of your lost object, the Good Samaritan who finds it can contact you directly, either by voice call, by SMS, by email or even by private SMS depending on the configuration you have defined for this object and your subscription level. You can then agree with him on the best way to recover your property.

    Very high performance acrylate adhesive. Brilliant laminated bilayer thickness 0.12 mm. Marking by laser engraving thus allowing to have very small QR Codes (5x5 mm).

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