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Smial Codes can have several uses, including those we present to you here, but it is up to you to find new ones.
For objects
By scanning the Smial Code of your lost object, the Good Samaritan who finds it can contact you directly, either by voice call, by SMS, by email or even by private SMS depending on the configuration you have defined for this object and your subscription level. You can then agree with him on the best way to recover your property.


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For people
Thanks to the Smial Code you can protect your loved ones (child, elderly person suffering from senility or degenerative disease, or even a person doing sports) by giving access to health information such as blood group, pathology or even allergy . In addition to being able to notify you by one of the means of communication you have defined when configuring the code, the emergency personnel will be able to save precious time in providing any urgent care thanks to this information.


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For pets
For your pet, the Smial Code will display important information about your loved one, such as his name, race, chip number or up-to-date vaccinations. The Good Samaritan will then be able to contact you by one of the means of communication you have defined in the configuration of the code in order to return your beloved friend to you.


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